SOON is a communication & creative services outlet but we identify more as an advocacy collective

We represent a need to shift from this present-day bubble-gum content, to more memorable experiences & stories that live far beyond our instant gratification culture. In that, lies our purpose, to be a catalyst for change, advocacy & crafting more meaningful and informed messaging.


This is a short story of how we got here

The Founders

Soon started out as Central Vibe, borne out of a side-hustle to pursue passion projects that grew out of marketing & digital professional Eric Says and media personality Nkox The Leader’s radio-related work. From the onset, we were just a creative duo trying to find new ways to create more of the content we wanted to see.

The Story

In true start-up style, we bootstrapped our way from a single DSLR creating video coverage of events and profiles without a mic, lighting or production team, to a media and entertainment outlet boasting content creation, talent management and music publishing.

Conventionally, we identified as an agency, although we were the furthest set up from one. We were more of an advocacy collective running a blog, and we soon realised that the world may not need another agency, but more authentic voices, expression and stories.

This website is an ode to our roots as a blog.

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