In Quotes: Scoop Makhathini On The Sobering Podcast

It’s always a treat when those who usually host interviews, swap seats for a change and become the guests. Celebrating almost 15 years in entertainment, media personality Siyabonga ‘Scoop Makhathini’ Ngwekazi is synonymous with South African urban youth culture.

He recently joined The Sobering Podcast for a two and a half hour sit down that covered everything from his time with Boyz n Bucks, his sometimes turbulent time in the game and his thoughts on a range of topics in music and entertainment.

Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the sit-down;

“The problems had never arose with me and MK, because we don’t make music, I definitely feel like the problems arose with the people that were making music” – On the Boyz n Bucks fall out.

“I changed the way niggas speak, I changed the way niggas dress, I also changed the demeanour. A lot of times presenters, there was this I’m so cute, and then that last smile after the link. I remember walking off camera and it became a thing” – On his influence on TV Presenting

“If I recognise that I can influence kids on how they dressed, how they talked, how they walked, then it hit me, how more can you influence them being the black gods that they should be, and that’s what you should be doing” – On shifting to a more political and cultured persona.

“When I left radio and just did television, I kinda felt like, there was no journalism in the radio space, and I just felt like there was a big missing link for hip hop” – On getting back on radio

“Because I had now seen what my role and my play in Cassper, AKA, Boyz n Bucks, how that has turned out for niggas then I was like, so wait man, I can’t just leave it with these niggas alone, I need to come back with this thing and give it to these new niggas that are coming up coz no one is doing it” – On still being a media practitioner

“If you are disrespecting something that means so much to me, and also disrespecting the kids who are making sure that your products get sold, and you don’t wanna pay them, then I’m sorry, its fuck you bro” – On corporates appropriating culture and not paying for it.

“As an OG that I am, seeing the game from an the aerial view that I do, after four or five projects, that are impeccable, I want and demand more from you. Not on a music way, you already got that on lock, but I want more from you on a business structural sense” – On A-Reece’s business set-up.

“I’m the one nigga that actually even comments on people’s shit, I like and I comment, it struck me as odd when I got on Instagram as to why aren’t niggas supporting each other, what’s in a like? What does it cost you bro? Niggas fucken act like they don’t see other people’s work bro” – On supporting others

“I had to bounce coz personally, I just didn’t like the content we were making. From Forever Young which was so amazing, I only wanna deal in dope culturally shifting shit.” – On leaving Parental Advisory

“It’s another Boyz n Bucks situation, I love Lungsta, I love Thomas, but I just couldn’t be there because Love Back, Uyang Thanda Na, and I could’ve still stayed there to get the cheque but its just like, I literally used to go to work and feel like I’m dying” – On the type of content Parental Advisory produced

“He could’ve slapped me then just go on Twitter and say I slapped that nigga yesterday and got his one one you know but he didn’t, he chose the other rout and I’m grateful for that, part of me still wishes he could’ve slapped me, just to even things out ” – On bumping into ex-Teargas member Ntukza

“Why I took it to Slikour, was again because it’s a black guy who was doing something for the culture, he was only doing the music side of it, then I was like I could come up with this thing that will do everything else around the culture and I won’t touch music.” – On starting Catching Waves on Slikour On Life

“Me and Sizwe were deep friends, from varsity days, in Durban. It was a real thing, a real hip hop love, we listened to tracks all day, rapped along to tracks all day.” – On the his relationship with Sizwe

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